Metatron from the Greek after and throne taken together as "one who serves behind the throne" or "one who occupies the throne next to the throne of glory" and yes it is a real word.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The tower of Babel

  •  now listen to the facts they use, and it is so odd when they say we are all descended from Noah .................. and they discuss the Tower of Babel as if it was a real place when the jews do not think it is a place but an idea and heck they wrote the old testament and not the Christians

  • I like the part where they say evolution is not to be trusted ...perhaps it is due to the drinking of too much water

  • watch carefully so you can see how the use of misinformation can work in a modern culture

  •  I just love the ideas they put forward if you believe in evolution then you can be racist and to point this out they say that Hitler was going to dedicate his book to Darwin and then how come he dident ?
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  • Amelia Mah But even I did not know that the Boomerang came form the tower of babel and was taken to India, Poland and Australia
  • Amelia Mah I and watching this as I type and heck now they have linked Chinese characters to the tower of Babel !!!!!!!
  • Amelia Mah What !!!!!! they say the character for tower links to babel ! tower = 塔 and as it has a mouth it must link to babel ! No No No No ................. brake it down and you have Grass = for the roof clay = for the walls People = a place for and no not a mouth = but a door so people can move in and out
  • Amelia Mah what is it with white people thinking they can link there religious ideas to other peoples languages
  • Amelia Mah 门 = door and 口 = mouth and of course you can get confused with the meaning of mouth until you see it also means opening so like a mouth in a wall

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