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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A limited strike on Syria

A limited strike on a country and it will stop them doing what you do not want them to do?

Like is this the same as the Japanese on Pearl harbour stay out of the war or else .......... everyone will say no it is not the same and heck it so did the opposite. 

It is now time to upset more Muslims and mostly by not knowing who are on the sides pick a civil war. 

The Muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda are on the same side are are the ones the West wishes to arm ...... help and let take over another country!

.....the Syrian government are Alawites a branch of Shia that has never attacked the West ........... Israel yes but then all Muslims hate the Jews. Come to that until recently all Christians hated them as well .....and if you did not know that then you sure need to read some more history books. 

Well maybe now they will, well trying to kill a religious movement is sure not a way to make friends so next time America is attacked it could be The Muslim brotherhood, Al Qaeda or the Alawites 

The Sunni Muslims say that Alawites are just a cult. And Sunnis have been trying to kill them for over 1,000 years.

And true it is a cult the same way all religions branch off, Christianity was a cult to the Jews and I suspect it still is to the more devout and as to the whole of Islam yes that is also a Cult

Alawites practice a unique but little known form of Islam that dates back to the 9th and 10th century. Its secretive nature is an outcome of centuries of isolation from the mainstream society and periodical persecution by the Sunni majority.

Sunnis believe that succession to prophet Mohammed rightly followed through the line of his most able and pious companions. Alawites follow the Shiite interpretation, claiming that succession should have been based on bloodlines. According to Shiite Islam, Mohammed’s only true heir, imam, was his son-in-law Ali bin Abu Talib.

But Alawites take a step further in the veneration of Imam Ali, allegedly investing him with divine attributes. Other specific elements such as the belief in divine incarnation, permissibility of alcohol, celebration of Christmas and Zoroastrian new year makes Alawite Islam highly suspect in the eyes of many orthodox Sunnis and Shiites.

Perhaps the west is interested in wiping out a religion and adding a new enemy to the list as this could do it  

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