Metatron from the Greek after and throne taken together as "one who serves behind the throne" or "one who occupies the throne next to the throne of glory" and yes it is a real word.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For a thought today let us ask which are more evil Gods or Demons?

For a thought today let us ask which are more evil Gods or Demons?

Well from a human point of view one could say gods, and certainly the more modern ones as they are cruel, controlling darn evil !

Just look at the idea that a god did not like people speaking the same language in the tower of Babel story, saying it is too tall? It was only 17 floors! And he then caused them as a building regulations punishment to speak many different languages so the start of millions of deaths from wars and such like as the nations divided up.  

See a very evil act so let’s stick with the demons they are a lot safer to deal with.

An interesting point The Tower of Babel is just a story so stop trying to look for the ruins; for any Christians or Muslims reading this, yes your holy books are wrong and should be updated. 

No it has nothing to do with the pre Egyptian pyramid towers or anything to do with Babylon

If you don’t believe me read the original Jewish version and examine the word meaning at that time.

If you are looking for a single major language try about 7,000 years ago try something like Altaic.

Not that it matters as I expect we have been chatting away for over 100,000 years, er yes that is well before that troublesome minor tribal god created Adam and Eve. 

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